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Cost Control

For 30+ years, the ZAAP team has been committed to providing quality service and expertise. We believe that every project requires six key components in order to be truly successful:




  • 30+ years of experience by principal specializing in commercial retail, architecture, and planning.


  • Proven track record of meeting tough but realistic schedules through fast tracking and phasing projects.


  • The principal is directly involved in every project.

Principal Involvement

  • Expertise in CEQA and local planning regulations to assist owners in obtaining and preserving their property entitlements.

Planning Expertise

  • Determining the key elements of a project and assembling them to lower project costs while maximizing the project's operational efficiency.


  • Previous project portfolio demonstrates thorough experience in evaluating cost vs. value to achieve the maximum impact per value of the dollar.

  • Minimizing change orders

  • Minimizing government fees

We provide our clients with a highly qualified, professional team at a reasonable cost.  Our hands-on approach enables us to maintain close control over every project, while our demonstrated management capability allows us to undertake major commissions.  We are committed to going the extra mile in order to achieve your project's goals.

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